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Intensive Outpatient Program

Our small group format assures that we meet you where you are at in your recovery journey, tailoring treatment plans to you and collaboratively working to meet your needs. We offer an 8- to 12-week program with a flexible treatment schedule and convenient evening hours for clients who work or go to school, designed for you to gain valuable tools, insight and emotional support while still living your life. As an adult-only (18+) treatment program, we are the only Bay Area program that does not mix adolescents in its groups.

Our treatment programs for eating disorders include comprehensive assessments, weekly individual therapy, group therapy, weekly nutritional counseling, treatment planning and follow-up care. After treatment, you receive lifelong access to a free aftercare support group. We accept most insurance plans, which often fully cover the cost of treatment: Cigna, UBH, UHC, Aetna, Value Options, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MHN and more.

Our Philosophy

Woodleaf’s philosophy is one of hope, harm reduction and self-compassion. We believe you can fully heal from an eating disorder, no matter its history of severity or how long you’ve had the disorder. Disordered eating arises from a variety of social, cultural, environmental and interpersonal issues. We see eating disorders as a coping strategy, something that is learned and can be unlearned.

Eating disorders are adaptive in nature, often arising when individuals cannot find other ways to self-soothe and express or manage their emotions. At Woodleaf, we treat more than just your symptoms by addressing the longstanding, underlying issues that have prompted your disorder, vital to your long-term remission. Healing involves learning new ways to manage the self, developing the ability to attend to internal needs and, most importantly, creating space for self-compassion. The result is increased self-esteem, interruption and elimination of destructive eating patterns and strategies to help learn to accept and love yourself again.

Our Staff

Our staff are all licensed, experienced eating disorder specialists who have worked in a variety of clinical settings. Our clinicians use an effective combination of psychodynamic, Internal family systems therapies, DBT, cognitive/behavioral interventions and interpersonal psychotherapy. We know eating disorder recovery is an individual process. We listen to your needs to tailor treatment approaches to you while staying attuned to the latest research in treatment modalities and approaches.

Your relationship with your providers during your recovery journey is important. Many of our therapists have private practices so you can stay connected with them even after graduating from the program. We encourage our graduates to stay in touch with us, whether it’s for referrals, to reconnect to recovery or to check in.

Our Nutritionists

Our nutritional counselors use a gentle, holistic approach and our licensed dietitians provide extensive education and support to help you find nutritional balance in your life. We meet you where you are with food and provide a safe, compassionate setting in which you can learn and heal. We will teach you to eat in a balanced way, at your own pace, while helping you to work through the emotional imbalance at the root of your eating disorder. The result is a normalized eating pattern, finding the weight you were meant to be.

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