Bulimia Treatment San Francisco

Woodleaf Center’s Treatment for Bulimia

Woodleaf Center’s program is designed to help address the poor body image and low self esteem that are at the core of bulimia. Our bulimia treatment  involves weekly group therapy in a small group format (allowing for a feeling of intimacy, safety and tons of personalized attention) weekly individual therapy and weekly nutritional counseling. We offer a convenient hybrid schedule (2 office visits, 1 virtual) from 6:30 to 9pm on Mon/Weds/Thursday.

We believe that you can fully heal from bulimia no matter how long you have had the disorder or how severe it has been. We see bulimia as a coping strategy, one that is learned and can be unlearned. We believe and have learned that the true pathway to healing is addressing the underlying issues that have prompted the disorder in the first place. While other programs may provide symptom relief through behavioral modification we believe addressing the underlying issues is vital for long term remission. That is why our program addresses eating disorder recovery in a multi-dimensional fashion.

Here are some highlights of the important issues addressed in our bulimia program:

* Breaking the binge-and-purge-cycle- An important phase of our bulimia treatment focuses on stopping the vicious cycle of bingeing and purging and restoring normal eating patterns. Through compassionate and gentle nutritional counseling you will learn to monitor your eating habits, avoid situations that trigger binges, cope with stress in ways that don’t involve food, eat regularly to reduce food cravings, and fight the urge to purge.

* Changing unhealthy thoughts and patterns – Our bulimia treatment program focuses on identifying and changing dysfunctional beliefs about weight, dieting, and body shape. You will explore attitudes about eating, and rethink the idea that self-worth is based on weight. You will begin to shift and heal the black and white thinking that so often dominates ones viewpoint with bulimia.

* Solving emotional issues –We believe a vital part of healing from bulimia involve targeting emotional issues that caused the eating disorder in the first place. This means something different for each person which is why we individualize our therapy to address issues such as trauma, underlying anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, and feelings of isolation and loneliness. You will explore underlying issues in your individual sessions as well as in group sessions.

Overcoming Bulimia

It may seem like there’s no escape from your eating disorder and disordered eating, but recovery is within reach. With eating disorder treatment, support from others and commitment to healing you can overcome bulimia and gain true self-confidence. 

Woodleaf Center’s program is unique in that it offers an intimate, individualized setting in which to heal. Our program is also often fully covered by insurance and when it isn’t we waive fees and deductibles when-ever possible. So reach out to the get the help you need and deserve today. Healing is possible.

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