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Here's what our clients are saying about Woodleaf Center..

"I would recommend to anyone who struggles with disordered eating to Woodleaf Center. It has changed me forever. I came to Woodleaf Center not even sure if I had an eating disorder. Sure, I had lost 220 pounds through starvation and gained back 230 pounds with non stop binging- yet oddly enough, despite all the evidence, I had lingering doubts. Because to me, having an eating disorder was too simple. I felt I had something so deeply wrong me, some mysterious illness that twisted my mind and my perception, that no amount of recovery work could help. I had been sober for the last 6 years, been in therapy for 10, and yet- no one touched upon this strange deep darkness that kept me ashamed of who I was on a cellular level. It wasn't so much that I was ashamed of my body, it was almost like my body was ashamed of me. Yet something shocking happened- my heart broke open at Woodleaf. I found maybe for the first time others who understood what I felt and who felt as I did. I spent hours crying and laughing and learning and it changed who I am forever. I was educated that I didn't have a mysterious incureable and unnameable disease- I had Binge Eating Disorder. I wasn't a hopeless food addict who could never eat flour or sugar again- I had a disease that made me binge to deal with the outside world. I was listened to, I felt safe, I cried and threw fits. I listened to others, opened my heart, and compassion grew inside me. Weight had nothing to do with the work we were doing. All in all, the life changing lesson I learned was that I was not alone. I was not alone and I did not have be ashamed. I could have compassion for myself and I could work towards small sustainable goals for long lasting change. I would recommend to anyone who struggles with disordered eating to Woodleaf Center. It has changed me forever." 

-J.S. Attended 2014 
Having been a member at Woodleaf was an extremely valuable experience for me on my journey to overcome my eating disorder.  The program made me feel safe, listened to, and always cared for.  My time spent at WL has instilled lifelong lessons and helped equip me with the tools to help me beat my ED after treatment.  I would recommend the WLEDS to anyone in search of compassionate and confidential help in overcoming their ED.
-J.W. Attended 2014

“I completed your program a few months ago and I'm just writing you guys to thank you for changing my life! Deciding to pick up the phone and call you was the best decision I've ever made for myself and sticking to your program and following all of the advice I was given has transformed my every day reality from bleak and grim to full of possibility and days enjoyed to the fullest. I'm doing exceptionally well, moving forward and not pausing for a second to look back. I spent 7+ years in an Eating Disorder nightmare and you guys helped me get out of it. Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for helping me find that light at the end of the tunnel that I'd almost given up on ever seeing. “

-K.B. Attended in 2014


"From my first interaction with Woodleaf, I felt supported. I was nervous to go to treatment; I had tried in the past, and it never quite stuck with me. I felt isolated and ashamed and mainly disappointed in myself that I had relapsed again. I decided to call Woodleaf for an intake. From my first interaction with Woodleaf, I felt supported. The treatment team was different than anything I have ever experienced in the past. The compassion, kindness and care of the team truly radiates. I found myself leaving groups inspired and empowered, looking forward to my next sessions (even meal groups!). I felt that it was safe for me to let my eating disorder out and let the healing in at Woodleaf. They helped me find my voice by challenging and encouraging me to be open, honest and reflective. I was able to build a foundation here that has continued to work for me long after I've "graduated" from Woodleaf. As an "alum," I know that if I ever needed support, referrals or just to check in, Woodleaf would be behind me. 

My entire experience at Woodleaf was one that profoundly changed my life. I cherish the relationships I've made, the healing I've found, and the direction my life has gone because of their help. I felt the team was walking alongside me throughout my journey to recovery and I'm so very thankful for them all."
-A.P. Attended in 2017
"I went to Woodleaf last year and am thank full everyday for what your center did for me. I struggle to find the words to express to you how grateful I am for all that you have done for me and my life. Starting with allowing me to stay in the program for longer when my insurance cut me off to being able to attend your free aftercare group for the past year and stay supported and surrounded with care. Without Woodleaf Center I don't know where I would be or even who I would be if I had not gone to your program. As someone who has suffered from anorexia- then bulimia-then binge eating-then bulimia again I felt like I would NEVER heal. This was not my first try at treatment attempt and I have to say the atmosphere you have created at Woodleaf Center is totally different than any place I have ever gone. I felt embraced, respected and able to make choices about my own treatment. At other places I sometimes felt like a "number" or assigned a set of uniform "treatment rules" to follow. Like "this is how to treat bulimia and this is how to treat anorexia" so you must do this..I don't know how to describe it exactly but at Woodleaf I felt you looked at my situation and helped me personally. I did not even feel like I was in treatment- I felt like I was just getting tons of support and like a void had been filled. A void that had caused me so much pain I could barely function with it anymore. Thank you Woodleaf for all you have done for me and for helping me live again. If you need treatment I recommend this place without hestitation. 
-R.S. Attended in 2018

“I am so happy to write this review because this place is a little gem that I found out about word of mouth. I thank god I did and that a place like this exists. I came to Woodleaf Center right after I had a bad experience at another program. It was filled with teenagers and staff followed me to the bathroom (yes it's true!) They also made me "clean my plate" every time I ate. I felt like I was 5 years old again with my mother watching me eat. I am 33 year old bulimic and honestly it really did not help me one bit to be forced to eat every last bite off of the plate. I dropped out and then just when I was about to give up I found Woodleaf. It is a small program and they treated me like an adult (no more teenie boppers). They really focused on my issues and me as a person. They definitely don’t have a “one size fits all" approach, thank goodness. Even though it has been 3 years I still use the tools and skills I learned there. I can’t say enough good things about this place.”

-A.H. Attended 2019


“To say thank you barely scratches the surface. After 9 years of bulimia I was convinced I would have my eating disorder for-ever. I was in such a dark, sad place I had lost all hope. The group leaders at Woodleaf taught me how to care for myself again and figure out who I really am. Even though I thought my therapist was crazy for telling me “you are not your eating disorder” and it turns out she was right! I loved that this program is small and I got so much attention. It was intimate and I really felt that 100%. Now years later I am doing really well. It is not perfect but it has never been as bad as it was. I really turned a corner thanks to all I learned at this center.

-B.W. Attended 2010

Simply stated, the treatment I received at Woodleaf Center gave me my life back. It taught me new coping skills that are helping me every day as I move forward in ED recovery. Deciding to enter the program was very difficult since I am a professional, in my 30’s, and this was my second time for eating disorder treatment. This setting how-ever was very private and confidential and I found others who were in my age range and experiencing the same turmoil with their ED's. Again, this program gave me my life back and although it was difficult to decide to go it was probably one the best decisions I have ever made.
-K.R. Attended 2009

“ I would highly recommend Woodleaf Center for anyone suffering from an eating disorder. What a great program. When I came to Woodleaf Center I was unemployed and they waived my fees for me. A miracle for someone with no family support. I had anorexia and was spending so much time and energy simply hating myself and my body. I had gone to individual therapy before but my therapist did not know alot about anorexia and it just wasn't helping. The people who work at Woodleaf really are experts and what a difference that made right away. I was so grateful the nutrition approach was flexible and allowed me to go at my own pace. I was so scared about that part. My group leader was fantasic, really inspring to everyone in there. I also went to their free aftercare group for a long time which was nice. April still contacts me too after all these years just to see if I need any referrals or support. It just feels comforting knowing I can reach out to them anytime in the future if I need.

-M.M Attended 2007


"Treatment at Woodleaf Center saved my life. I was so depressed and had no one to turn to. Worst, I felt so much shame and honestly just fear, fear that nothing would ever change.  This place is extremely experienced in dealing with eating disorders and the staff is top of the line. I graduated the program in 2006 and continued to see my therapist from Woodleaf in her private practice for 3 years afterwards, she is amazing. I just contacted Woodleaf recently and she is still working there as a supervisor and so are most of the staff that was there when I was. Amazing. I truly wish that I could have gone there much earlier in my life because it would have spared me a few wrong turns. After Woodleaf I was able to actually finally let go of my ED and move on to a new life. Thank you Woodleaf so glad to know you are still there helping so many people. I wish you the best and so much more. Rock on!

-E.W. Attended 2006


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